Synthetic Oil vs. Mineral Oil

Your business relies on its equipment and if that equipment has an engine, then you’ve heard the ongoing debate around synthetic oil vs. mineral oil. This sometimes heated discussion usually revolves around topics like price point vs. engine longevity, cost breakdown and overall return on investment (ROI) for your equipment fleet.

If you’re reading this then you probably want to know, once and for all, which is better: synthetic oil or mineral oil? Well, the answer depends on the needs of your business.

What is “Synthetic Oil”?
Although synthetic oil comes from the same crude oil reserves as its lower-priced mineral oil counterpart, the process that synthetic oil undergoes takes it into a different category altogether.

Synthetic oil processing includes a highly advanced distilling, refining and purification procedure that leaves it able to withstand higher temperatures as well as low temperature use and protection against deposits due to significantly higher purity levels. Each one of these benefits results in longer engine life.

Why Opt for Synthetic Lubricants?
With that in mind, you may be wondering why doesn’t every business opt for synthetic oil in its equipment?

To be frank, price point is a major focus for many business owners that need to buy bulk oil for their fleet. It’s important to assess if your equipment needs synthetic oil in lieu of the more standard mineral oil by analyzing the speed, load size and temperature at which your equipment performs. Fleets that have a higher performance requirement are better candidates for synthetic lubricants.

Once you determine if your fleet is in the high-performance category, you need to assess if the ROI for the higher-priced synthetic oil makes sense for your company’s oil and lube budget.

As a general rule, the ROI for synthetic lubricants makes sense for many companies once they take a closer look at the extended lifespan and performance quality they can expect from their equipment. Also, because synthetic oil takes three times as long to break down compared to mineral oil, the reduced frequency of lubricant purchases helps balance out the added expense.

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